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Business Club Active Wallets

Business Club Active Wallet which makes your BCT work and increase your profit. The more BCT you have, the larger is your daily and monthly profit generated by your Active Wallet!

Business Club Token

Original cryptocurrency which is an integral part and the heart of the Business Club ecosystem. Clear and transparent terms for BCT supply, generated profit, and BCT entry into external exchanges. Would you like to know some more? We’ll be pleased to tell you more!

Business Club Blockchain

Original and unique blockchain which allows everyone to check all transactions conducted with BCT. All transactions, even the smallest ones. Purchasing, exchanging, selling – Business Club Blockchain allows you to see everything in the entire ecosystem.

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Business Club Payment Cards

Traditional and digital currency worlds fusion becomes true. We’ll give you the power to store, buy, sell or spend your fiat and virtual currencies all around the world. Cross the borders with Business Club payment cards!

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Business Club Cloud

Modern and secure file hosting with an option to increase it’s storage space even to up to 2 TB. We also offer an option to gradually expand your storage space so you can easily find the right solution for your needs!

Business Club Social Network

Social Media Platform based on ultramodern solutions, offering multiple functions, products, and services such as:

BCT transfer between users

Cloud service


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Account functionality extending

Encrypted chat

Smart store and much more!

Business Club Live Transmission

Make online conferences, stream videos, organize webinars. With our live broadcast you will exploit your potential even more! However, that’s not all. During the stream you can donate or receive BCT, which means your earning potential is unlimited!

Business Club Easy Mall

Easily create an online store which will become an integral part of your Business Club Profile. When your business starts growing, you’ll be able to quickly modify and expand your shop’s offer with our simple tools. Unleash Business Club’s potential and find new customers in an eye-blink!

We provide security and protection only with verified solutions

All payments supported by Business Club Blockchain

Multi-signature, cold-storage cryptocurrency accounts protect your currency like a digital Fort Knox

Transfers e-mail confirmations

Cloudflare Firewall and DDoS Attack Protection

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Google Authenticator to keep your account safe

We apply for a Malta Financial Services Authority Licence to become real cryptocurrency friendly licenced brand

Fully encrypted chat

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