01. General information
Business Club is owned and operated by Blockchain Business Solutions, which is proudly registered in the Republic of Malta under the number C-92788. Blockchain Business Solutions has started the process of applying for the regulation and license of the Malta Financial Supervision Authority (MFSA). Our offices are located in Valetta (Malta) and Zurich (Switzerland). Business Club is a comprehensive, constantly growing, stable ecosystem supported by multiple highest quality services and products. This means that everything we offer our clients works like a Swiss clock. For example, Business Club offers its own cryptocurrency, an innovative cryptocurrency wallet, a social media platform, the option to transfer funds between it’s users and more. We are the kind of people who can’t stand stagnancy, so we’re planning to gradually complete all our plans.
02. Business Club & Active Wallets Team
Blockchain Business Solutions Limited. We are fintech hiring over 40 world class talents and still getting bigger. We still expand and improve our services constantly learning and getting to know with our customers needs. Every of our team member is free minded individual with highly developed cooperation skills. Working everyday in Zurich and Valetta our team does it's to give all the best to the world. To get more infos about our individuals be up to date with our social media profiles where we share our work with you.
03. Management and main heads
CEO - Tim Odermatt (Switzerland, Zurich) – 42-year-old entrepreneur, who lives in Zurich. With many years of experience in the public and financial sectors. He worked on large IT projects in the public sector and then he went to the financial services industry. He held various technical and managerial positions in fintech companies. Owns a network of currency exchange offices in Switzerland. He is an ETHZ graduate (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich). Programming and cryptocurrency are his passion.

CTO - Alexander Wozniak (Switzerland, Zurich) – 37-year-old polish IT specialist, who lives in Zurich. Has extensive experience in research and development departments. In recent years he has worked on new technologies. These included: block chain, data analytics, big data, cloud computing solutions, NoSQL databases and more. He worked in the financial services, banking and insurance industries. He organized many meetings for startups in the European Union. C++ and JS programmer with over 20 years of experience. Alexander was a part of international projects such as, for example, Angular JS oraz NPM.

DIRECTOR / PRESIDENT - Oscar Alexander Medina Araujo (Switzerland, Geneve) - 55-year-old Colombian contractor living in Switzerland for over 5 years. He worked in BanColombia from 1999 to 2005 than polished his banking skills in Banco Davivienda up to 2012.

01. Business Club Blockchain (BCB)
Transparency and credibility are our priority. Thanks to our unique Business Club Blockchain (BCB), every user can see all BCT transactions. Thanks to your own currency and the blockchain, literally every – even the smallest transaction – is described and readily available for analysis. The full list of transactions is available under this address: https://business.club//explorer
02. Business Club Token & Blockchain Specification
BCT (Business Club Token) is an integral part of our company, the core that connects people all over the world. We want to create the largest community in the world with their own stable cryptocurrency that has real purchasing power. The token we’ve created circulates freely between users, generating continuous profits and supporting Business Club development. BCT is divisible to 8 decimal places. Because BCT circulates within the whole ecosystem, we are able to transfer some of the generated profit to BCT holders in the form of new tokens, which we send directly to their Active Wallets. The more funds a person holds in BCT, the greater their profit. It’s not unlike when a company's shareholders receive a dividend. The more stock you have, the larger dividend the company pays you.

BCVM (Business Club Virtual Machine) is a fully isolated and secured runtime environment. Code running in BCVM has no access to any external resources, e.g. network or file system. It leads to high security and deterministic code execution. BCVM was designed in a big endian layout and using 256-bit words. This size of words enables the use of 256-bit abbreviations of the Keccak algorithm and calculation of elliptic curves for cryptography. BCB (Business Club Blockchain) - thanks to our unique Business Club Blockchain (BCB) every user can see all BCT transactions. Thanks to our own currency and the blockchain, literally every – even the smallest transaction – is described and readily available for analysis. The full list of transactions is available under this address: https://business.club//explorer

BCContracts - a smart contract is a secure and unblockable computer program that represents a contract that is automatically performed and enforced. BCContracts is an innovative approach consisting in a significant extension of the possibilities of smart contracts. At BCContracts, semantic richness and document writing in legal language are more important. Contract semantics can be divided into two types: operational semantics and descriptive semantics. Operational semantics defines the performance, correctness and security of the contract. Descriptive semantics concern the meaning of a complete contract in the real world. BBContracts can be represented as a tuple comprising three objects: text, parameters and code. The text represents a legal contract in natural language. The code represents a program that is a computer- understandable representation of a legal text. The parameters combine the relevant elements of the legal contract with the associated code.

01. The Active Wallet
The Active Wallet is an innovative wallet that allows you to keep your money in the safest way possible. But that’s not all! BCT tokens stored in the Business Club Active Wallet work incessantly, day by day increasing your profits. Where does the profit come from? That’s simple. Business Club charges a small commission fee for each transaction made with BCTs. Moreover, the users who spend BCT tokens within and outside the platform generate profit for the company, because purchased BCTs return to Business Club. A part of this profit is shared among BCT holders. Every single BCT owned generates profit, but minimum deposit to Active Wallet is 100 BCT. The more BCT you have, the larger is your daily and monthly profit generated by your Active Wallet.

The Active Wallet, as the name suggests, is a wallet, so you are able to withdraw your funds at any time. Business Club allows you to deposit and withdraw funds whenever you want. Through Active Wallet’s dashboard, you can access the history of all the performed operations. Active Wallet earns 0.3-0.4% of your balance each day, i.e. approximately 10% per month. In order to safeguard Business Club and its user’s ventures, we’ve introduced a 45-day “soft” period for each amount you deposit. What does it mean? This means, we will deduct 15% of the amount deposited if you decide to withdraw your deposit before the 45-day soft period. However, if funds are withdrawn after the 45-day period, Business Club returns 100% of the deposit.

The profit earned by Active Wallet and BCT depends on the number and amount of all transactions made within BCB (Business Club Blockchain), as each transaction is subject to a symbolic commission of 0.25% of the transferred amount. Moreover, the profit also depends on the number of BCTs returned to the Business Club in the services, products, sales commissions, subscriptions etc. purchased by the users within the ecosystem. The profit is calculated once per day and it is based on the current wallet balance. To see forecasts check our Business Paper.
02. Transfer limits and fees
There is no limit to the funds transfers performed in BCT between the platform’s users. Each transaction is subject to a symbolic fee of 0.25% of the transferred amount (but not less then 1 BCT - minimum of 1 BCT fee is set only until the supply of the token stops.). The same amount is charged for each transaction conducted in BCT. Once the supply of the token stops, the transaction fee will be reduced from 0.25% to 0.005%.
03. The Commission System of Business Club & Active Wallets
Every user (Upline) who invites other people (Downline) to the ecosystem receives a commission fee that depends on the amount of the funds the invited person deposits. In order to ensure stable and dynamic growth, Business Club developed a 7-stage commission system. By recommending our Active Wallet you’ll increase your profits several times and create a structure thanks to which your wallet’s balance will grow daily. Check commission levels and its estimations in our Business Paper.
04. What currencies does Active Wallet support
For now Active Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Business Club Token, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Litecoin and Tether (stable coin). We will organize votings for new supported currencies and add them gradually.
05. Does BCT deposit is bank deposit?
Business Club Token and other Cryptocurrencies known as Digital Currencies or Virtual Currencies are not bank deposits, are not backed by the government, are not legal tender. Accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation or any other governmental or government-backed protections. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the State, Federal, or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of Digital Currencies.

01. How long do i owe BCT?
Each user owns their BCT for life or until they make a withdrawal, pay for the services with the BCT they own, transfers the BCT to another user or sell their BCT on the stock exchange. Untill the BCT enters external markets, the exchange rate of Business Club Tokens equals 1 BCT = 1 USD.
02. BCT Price & Estimations
The amount of BCT in circulation will be increasing until it reaches 720,000,000 BCT. New tokens are generated only when they’re bought by the users via Active Wallet. When the amount of all the tokens reaches 720,000,000 BCT, Business Club will close the on-platform BCT purchases (terminating the supply). Within 2 weeks after the standard purchasing method ends, Business Club Token will be made available for exchange on both internal and external cryptocurrency markets. Within those 14 days, every user with BCT in their Active Wallet will be given the option to keep it or sell any amount of their BCT to Business Club, at the rate of 1 BCT = 1 USD. After the transition period, BCT token will be available externally. With a steadily growing demand and the lack of supply, our forecasts show that within the following 8-12 months, the BCT exchange rate will increase the BCT’s capitalization several times. As a result, the token will join the 20 largest cryptocurrencies in the world. For BCT price estimation download our Business Paper.

You can easly convert Bitcoin to Ethereum and back with our Active Wallet Converter. Thanks to cooperation with ShapeShift and Coinpayments, we have made available to our users the ability to convert cryptocurrencies, and it's so simple! Just choose a cryptocurrency pair and the exchange takes place immediately. Convert all pairs containing BCT with no costs, or make any other convertions with 3% fee of converted amount.

01. Recieving Funds
To receive funds, sign into your account at:https://business.club/signin. Our Active Wallet works the same as any other wallet. Go to "My wallet" section, find currency your want to receive and click "receive" button. Copy wallet address or scan QR code to another wallet and transfer funds easily.
02. Sending Funds
To send funds, sign into your account at: https://business.club/signin. Our Active Our Active Wallet works the same as any other wallet. Just go to "My walllet" section, find currency your want to send and click "send" button. Set up transfer amount and accept transfer. Remember: To send funds you need to have activated two factor authentication.
03. Receive / send Business Club Token
To send BCT use your Active Wallet as always. Go to "My wallet" section and choose "receive" or "send" option and receive or make transfer. All created BCT wallet addresses start with "bct" (example: bctf724ec5377576d31f41f04ce2cc699fv) and always consist of 35 characters.

In such case contact with our support and describe whole situation as accurately as you can. We would appreciate all helpful files and information like screenshots, sender wallet address, amount, date etc. We will do our best to find solution and fix the situation as fast as possible. But we can ensure you, there is no place for missing funds in blockchain.

01. What are Business Club VISA Payment Cards?
We'll give you the power to store, buy, sell or spend your fiat and virtual currencies all around the world. Cross the borders with Business Club payment cards. Get Business Club Tokens to rise your capital. Five cards to rule your funds. One wallet to manage your currencies. Business Club VISA Payment cards are cards connected directly to your Active Wallet so you can easily spend your funds.
02. Five different cards connected to Active Wallet
We'll provide 5 different payment cards directly connected to your Active Wallet. Leaf Green, Royal Blue, Pure Gold, Pearl White and Space Black. Each card has some different specs especially cashback, limits and fees, but all of them let you spend your cryptos the way you want. no matter where you are and what you do.
03. Do I need to Stake BCT and get your own Business Club VISA Payment Card
You don't have to stake BCT to get card. Leaf Green VISA Payment Card is completely free. To get yours just create an account, verify yourself and wait until card issue starts. If you need card with higher limits you can stake BCT for 180 days to qualify for higher tier cards.
04. When i can get my payment card?
All cards will be available after getting Malta Financial Services Authority Licence by Blockchain Business Solutions LLC. In addition we apply simultaneously with our UK-based Blockchain Business Trade Solutions Limited (incorporated under company number: 12137017 by The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales) for Financial Conduct Authority under Electronic Money Regulations 2017 for the issuing of electronic fiat money and payment instruments.
05. What are Business Club VISA Payment Cards limits and fees?
You can check all card limits and specs on our website https://business.club/cards and our Business Paper. Fees will be set when card issue starts.
06. Where i can use my BC VISA Payment Card?
Thanks to VISA card you can use your Business Club Visa Payment Card to pay in over 42 million sales points worldwide. For security and compliance reasons, we have restricted the use of our cards for gambling services and cash advances. In addition some vendors may require credit card to use in their services or subscriptions.
07. Where can I withdraw cash with my BC VISA Payment Card?
Withdrawals are available in almost any ATM worldwide that accepts VISA Cards. Just find nearest ATM and withdraw your funds easily.
08. BC VISA Payment Card issuing status and qualification
Once you verified your account you are qualified to get Leaf Green BC VISA Payment Card. In addition your account will automatically let you know in "Cards" section if your are qualified to get higher tier card. To get higher tier cards you have to stake BCT at least 180 days. Just after staking BCT for 180 days, your qualification status will change into higher tier card available to reserve/order.
09. How many cards can i order?
Each account can order maximum 3 cards connected, no matter what their tier is.

We require some personal information during sign up process. Filling up all fields during sign up is required to create your Business Club Social Network profile. You can delete permanently or deactivate your profile in settings section.

Due to legal requirements if you stake BCT to apply for Business Club VISA Payment Cards we also have to verify basic information about you like your identification document, name and adress. Once you verify yourself successfully you will be able to use all of account features.

01. Can i have more than one account?
We do not recommend opening more than one wallet account, but it is not fully forbidden. If you need more than one Active Wallet account (example: for marketing reasons) you have to stake at least 100 BCT on your all wallets, before creating new one. Multi-accounting is forbidden when no staking at least 100 BCT. If you decide to have more than 1 Active Wallet account, let us know about the purpose of this operation (marketing, diversification etc). All of your Active Wallet accounts should be set up and verified with your real personal data and ID document.
02. Can i change my referrer?
Choose your referral (leader) carefully, changing referring structure is impossible. Once you created account with leading referral link or username, your account will always be connected this account.
03. Can i split off with my recommended person?
Once connected accounts can't be split off.
04. Forbidden marketing and advertising practices
All marketing practices and movements that present false information on Blockchain Business Solutions services and products are prohibited. We strongly recommend you to get to know well with our Business Paper before creating new advertising and marketing content and make sure that the information you provide to others is consistent with original one.

01. Business Club got offline suddenly. What to do?
We do our best to keep our service online 99,99% time. There may some situations occur when Business Club gets offline and by situations we mean: servers provider maintenance; unpredicted cumulated DDoS attacks; power shut downs; updating our system. In most cases all users will be informed about all things happening on Business Club & BCT Active Wallet social media profiles, in same cases also by an e-mail. Due to different time zones we reserve the right to 12h delay in giving information about current situation status. So what to do when service is offline? Best option which we recommend is to wait until we reboot and set up everything. Follow our social media to get fresh news. Our Active Wallet is like Fort Knox, your capital is always safe no matter what happens.
02. I can't log in to my account
In case of loosing your password start password reset procedure here: https://business.club/newpassword . If any other problem with signing in occurs notify our support about it at [email protected] so we will take care about you. Remember that we don't have any access to your account, sometimes we are limited in help. Always memorize your login and password well, and never write it down anywhere.
03. How to reset my password and 2FA?
To reset your password go to https://business.club/newpassword and follow the instructions. Your 2FA will be also turned off during your password reset.

01. How can I contact with Business Club support?
Best option to contact us is well known Helpdesk. To use it just sign into your account and go to "support" section.
02. I've opened a ticket yesterday, but there is no reply from support until now. What is approximate support reply time?
Our support approximate responding time is 12-24 hours, but sometimes it may take up to 48h (2 full business days). Please note that our support works from Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00 UTC.
03. How to contact Blockchain Business Solution Limited directly? Do you have phone number or post address?
For more official contact use our [email protected] e-mail or post us with postscript "Blockchain Business Solutions Limited" to address Prime Tower office, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
04. Blockchain Business Solutions For Business
If you are corporate representative please contact us directly to [email protected] We are open for interesting cooperation and ready to share our solutions with world.
05. Blockchain Business Solutions For Press
If you are press representative please contact us directly to [email protected]