Business Club Ecosystem


Business Club Ecosystem

Join our platform to access your Active Wallet – a tool that allows you to store and multiply your funds, all thanks to our unique cryptocurrency: the Business Club Token, or BCT in short. With BCT tokens you can make purchases within the ecosystem, such as file storage space and transfer bandwidth, advertisements on the platform, purchase different features for the social media platform and video streaming, tip other users and, last but not least, you can use BCT tokens to quickly transfer funds between individual users. And this is just the beginning!


Business Club Active Wallets

The Active Wallet is an innovative wallet that allows you to keep your money in the safest way possible. But that’s not all! BCT tokens stored in the Business Club Active Wallet work incessantly, day by day increasing your profits. Where does the profit come from? That’s simple. Business Club charges a small commission fee for each transaction made with BCTs. Moreover, the users who spend BCT tokens within and outside the platform generate profit for the company, because purchased BCTs return to Business Club. A part of this profit is shared among BCT holders. Every single BCT owned generates profit. The more BCT you have, the larger is your daily and monthly profit generated by your Active Wallet!


Business Club Blockchain (BCB)

Transparency and credibility are our priority. Thanks to our unique Business Club Blockchain (BCB), every user can see all BCT transactions. Thanks to your own currency and the blockchain, literally every – even the smallest transaction – is described and readily available for analysis. The full list of transactions is available under this address:


Business Club Token (BCT) and generated profit

Our BCT is an integral part of our company, the core that connects people all over the world. We want to create the largest community in the world with their own stable cryptocurrency that has real purchasing power. The token we’ve created circulates freely between users, generating continuous profits and supporting Business Club development. Because BCT circulates within the whole ecosystem, we are able to transfer some of the generated profit to BCT holders in the form of new tokens, which we send directly to their Active Wallets. The more funds a person holds in BCT, the greater their profit. It’s not unlike when a company's shareholders receive a dividend. The more stock you have, the larger dividend the company pays you.


Business Club Token exchange, BCT’s entry into cryptocurrency exchange markets, BCT exchange rate and capitalization.

Each user owns their BCT for life or until they make a withdrawal, pay for the services with the BCT they own, transfers the BCT to another user or sell their BCT on the stock exchange. Until the BCT enters external markets, the exchange rate of Business Club Tokens equals 1 BCT = 1 USD.

The amount of BCT in circulation will be increasing until it reaches 720,000,000 BCT. New tokens are generated only when they’re bought by the users via Active Wallet. When the amount of all the tokens reaches 720,000,000 BCT, Business Club will close the on-platform BCT purchases (terminating the supply). Within 2 weeks after the standard purchasing method ends, Business Club Token will be made available for exchange on both internal and external cryptocurrency markets. Within those 14 days, every user with BCT in their Active Wallet will be given the option to keep it or sell any amount of their BCT to Business Club, at the rate of 1 BCT = 1 USD. After the transition period, BCT token will be available externally. With a steadily growing demand and the lack of supply, our forecasts show that within the following 8-12 months, the BCT exchange rate will increase the BCT’s capitalization several times. As a result, the token will join the 20 largest cryptocurrencies in the world. For BCT price estimation download our Business Paper.

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Multi-signature, cold-storage cryptocurrency accounts protect your currency like a digital Fort Knox

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2-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Google Authenticator to keep your account safe

We apply for a Malta Financial Services Authority Licence to become real cryptocurrency friendly licenced brand

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